Dua Lipa clearly understands what all of us are going through right now, giving us the perfect at-home dance party music with all the right lyrics.

I mean, Dua hit it on the head with her lyrics from "Don't Start Now."

Don't show up, don't come out
Don't start caring about me now
Walk away, you know how
Don't start caring about me now

Now she has a new song called "Break My Heart" where she repeats the lyrics "Stay at Home," a reminder that we need to continue to practice social distancing.

Dua also knows that we are all sitting at home hungry for content and more songs to dance to, and that's why she decided to release her album a week early. The album is called Future Nostalgia, and it is now going to drop tomorrow. She was supposed to go on tour this year and hopefully that will still happen. I guess we will have to just wait and see.

Dua has become an artist of the times and is our quarantine queen. If you haven't heard the song yet, take a listen:

I'm digging it. What do you think Dua is doing in her isolation? Hopefully cranking out some more amazing dance songs. What I think about the song doesn't matter, though. We need your vote to get it added to the Fun 107 playlist.

Is "Break My Heart" wicked good or totally whack?

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