Many people made some new furry friends during this pandemic. I'm one of them. I'm not one to quarantine alone. I thrive off interaction with people, so I have been staying with friends.

At first it was an adjustment. We all had different sleep schedules and some worked from home while others were considered essential. One thing that I could count on was two dogs that needed lots of attention during the day, one being a seven-month-old puppy.

The first week or two was definitely a challenge. They barked at everything. Cooper, the lighter brown puppy, was constantly needing attention. Even during important meetings, he would make an appearance. The older one, Jax, has a much more relaxed demeanor but would love to instigate the little one into trouble. I'll admit it, I was so stressed and annoyed by all the work these two added.

Then they started having adorable moments like the one in the picture, where they would sit next to me and just rest their heads. The puppy would snore and be so peaceful while Jax would be the protector, eyes open and watching the front door. The weird part is, the older one has more pee accidents than the puppy.

I really grew to love these two. I know many people have adopted animals and may be experiencing the different phases of puppy love, but man, the cuteness and smiles they bring are priceless especially during times like these. These two definitely have a place in my heart even though they aren't mine.

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