Spending all this time at home probably has you completing some of the home improvement projects you've wanted to get to, or at least you've started them.

Now my aunt and uncle may kill me for posting about this but I have a feeling they aren't alone here. Spending more time at home has you staring at the walls and thinking of all the home improvement projects you have been putting off mostly because you don't have the time.

Now there is no excuse, and as you start in on one project, you start noticing other items in the house that you want to upgrade or make better. Most of these items require professionals and getting them in your house isn't easy as most are busy right now. Some of the projects can be do-it-yourself.

At my aunt's, there are a few things going on, like upgrading the bathrooms and adding some fixtures to the yard. With multiple things going on, you can definitely lose sight of what to do next. Right now I think it's a matter of just keeping us busy and feeling productive. Like, hey during quarantine, I did this – although most of us have put on a few pounds and that's about all we can say we have "done" during the stay-at-home period.

I know my aunt and uncle aren't alone. How many people have multiple home projects going on right now? It's almost like we are having a hard time focusing on one thing because we see so much we want to do. It makes me glad I"m not a homeowner right now.

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