There is a very likely possibility that there is someone out in the world that looks similar to you, but have you ever heard of someone sounding just like you?

My family and I were watching the Patriots game last night. We were munching on some nachos as my daughter, Reagan, was catching up on some weekend homework. She was passively listening to the game as we were watching the Eagles defense do more than we would have liked.

Reagan said, "Dad, have you ever noticed that guy sounds just like Gazelle?" I listened closely to Jim Nantz calling the play-by-play. "No, not that guy," she said. "The other guy."

She was referring to retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Few analysts these days know more about the game of football than Romo. How could Gazelle sound like him?

I listened closer, and starting laughing. She isn't too far off. The two of them actually sound pretty similar. We listened to a few clips from last night's game on the air and got a few laughs. Christine agreed that there was a similar sound – like a gravelly texture to it. We had Gazelle repeat some of the things Romo was saying.

If anything happens to Romo, Gazelle might be able to step in as an emergency backup. Sure, Tony Romo has forgotten more about football that Gazelle has ever know, but if the chips were down, Gazelle might pass for a store-brand Tony Romo. Just sayin'.

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