Here the latest town drama out of Swansea. A local man named Patrick Higgins is demanding the removal of a local beloved cat.Penny the feline in question, resides at the Swansea Public Library and is quite popular. He insists her presence violates federal disabilities laws.

According to WCVB-TV, The 14-year-old tabby cat with green eyes has called the library home since 2004 and often lounges on the front desk, accepting pats from patrons checking out books when she isn’t napping in her straw basket.


Swansea has had a long tradition of library cats, with Penny, a rescue cat, the library’s third feline resident. Before Penny there was Spooky, who lived until the ripe age of 19, and Dooey before that. Here's what I think of the whole situation, this guy needs to get some Zyrtec and relax..Funny, the library reports no complaints made directly to the town or library about the cat.