Everything about this wall in Michael's new office drives me NUTS. 

Michael Rock moved into his new office a couple weeks ago and he's been decorating, bringing in furniture and making a new little office home for himself here at the station. During the show today, he was ducking in and out to hang his new photo with Marshmello from his visit last week...and then I noticed how much I HATE THIS WALL IN HIS OFFICE.

Abby | TSM
Abby | TSM

All the frames are mismatched, nothing is evenly spaced, there are black frames and white frames and silver frames, some are matted, others are not, some pictures are his kids, others are celebrities...My very OCD brain just about had a meltdown looking at it. I could not stare at that all day long. And he does because his desk is facing that wall.

So I asked someone else at the station, who shares my affinity for all things organized, color-coded and perfectly spaced, and she agreed that it drove her nuts, too. She also pointed out that none of his furniture matches.

His entire office is basically a smorgasbord of terribleness. Despite how lovely and beautiful it is - because his wall choice color is on point so I have to give him that.


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