Does your child know what a landline is?

I can say with absolute certainty that by the time I have children and they grow up, they will have no idea what a landline is. Truthfully, I thought it was dead technology, but it turns out that even in 2023, people are still loyal to a home phone.

During my daily scroll through Facebook, a particular status caught my attention.

This person wrote, “Hey everyone, just cut the cord on the landline today. Cell only from now on.”

“Welcome to 2023,” I said to myself, but then I kept thinking about it.

When was the last time I saw a landline? Do people still use them?

I asked Michael and Gazelle, which led to even more questions.

“I have a landline, but it’s only because of my security system,” said Michael. “The security system requires a landline to be hooked up to.”

“I have personally never owned a landline, ever,” said Gazelle.

I’m in the same boat as Gazelle. I may have grown up with a corded phone attached to the wall and later the wireless landline, but in my adult life, I have no need for one.

I didn’t think anyone had a need for one until the SouthCoast proved me wrong.

A woman from Fall River called in and said, “My mom still has a landline. She’s old.”

I guess if I’m in my later years and have never cut the cord, that makes sense.

Laryssa Goncalves of New Bedford chimed in on the Fun 107 app and said, “I use it if I’m calling somewhere and I know I’ll be on hold for a while, so I am not using up my cell phone battery.”

Laryssa is on to something here.

Needless to say, I was shocked to discover how many people still utilize a landline.

Are you in that category?

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