Disneyland ticket prices drastically rose this week and people are less than thrilled.

Okay, that is a huge understatement. People are outright PO'ed with Disney for their new ticket prices, which exceed $200 a day for the first time ever.

I mean, come on, Disney! You are clearly not hurting for money. We all know what Frozen 2 just made at the box office last year ($1.431 billion). So what gives with the major ticket price hike?

Honestly, it has been a long time since I've been to any Disney park and the last time I went it was a whole package deal thing, so I don't really know what the ticket prices were. But I do know the price went up majorly.

But if it's because park visitor numbers are down, this plan isn't going to help.

Tickets for $200 is crazy. For an average family, that's $800 for a single day out, not including any food or souvenirs. And most of that day is probably going to be spent in line for rides not actually riding them.

It all adds up to absolute ripoff if you ask me.

For $800, my family could go to Legoland in Boston eight times. Enjoy Six Flags New England three times. Head up to Storyland six times or Santa's Village five times.

So why in the world would I add on airfare, hotel stay, food and swag to your crazy ticket prices when having a family staycation is so much more affordable?

Personally, this makes me want to avoid Disney more than head there. And I'm probably not the only one.

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