It's sad that a day will come when I'll be telling my future kids the story about the $1,000 toilet paper that wasn't made from gold.

If you have already taken to in search of bathroom tissue, then you have already stumbled across some insanely jacked-up prices.

Ironically, thanks to COVID-19, there are people out there who are desperate enough to pay for something this expensive and it boggles my brain. Just today I came across a Facebook post on my newsfeed that exemplified the toilet paper fiasco this nation is currently facing:

Now, if you think that's ridiculous, wait until you see the price mark-up on these postings:

Every time I come across a social media posting with a roll of toilet paper with a caption saying "$500 per roll or best offer," I can't help but wonder if some of these people are serious or just making light of a critical situation.

The sad part is that some poor schmuck out there will be willing to pay for these ludicrous prices out of desperation and that alone is the problem with America. Supply and demand will always be one of the roots of evil, depending on the scenario and situation, of course.

Moral of the story: before you're willing to dish out the Benjamins for a roll of T.P., try to think outside of the box before you have to pull a second mortgage just for bathroom tissue.

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