Just when you thought you've seen it all, this sign pops up in Dartmouth.

Over on Rogers Street, right below the lights beside M&M Auto Services, lives a Dartmouth man who is fed up with the way people are driving down "his" street.

Apparently, according to him, the people who drive up and down it have no regard for the speed limit or the people who live in that specific neighborhood, so he did what any ticked-off homeowner would do: he made a sign and posted it up on his fence as a response to the speed demons.

"Dartmouth Police must be sleeping if they can't see speeding on this street," the sign reads.

No harm there, I guess. But wait—it's when he continues that's the real kicker:

"Maybe they must be at Jones Beach taking a nap or eating Dougnuts."

Let's read that last line once more, shall we?

"taking a nap or eating Dougnuts."

Now, I'm not the world's best spelling bee contestant, but something inside of me kind of feels bad for Doug. (LOL)

According to Wikipedia: A doughnut (British English) or donut (American English) is a type of fried dough confection or dessert food.

Either one of those spellings would have sufficed, but if you plan on going for the full "doug," be sure to always remember the "h."

Moving forward a couple of hours after this sign was put up, the mystery man replaced it after realizing his faultiness with this run-on-sentence disaster:

Photo Courtesy of Anonymous
Photo Courtesy of Anonymous

In my opinion, the only police we should be calling is the "Grammar Police."

Seriously, is this guy that miserable? What's going to happen if he were to ever need the help from the local police? I mean, of course they would "do their job," but talk about a slap to the face after you accuse them of napping and eating...well, you get it.

However, this isn't the first and only time this guy has put out signs.

A few months ago, he posted this gem on a telephone line near his house:

Photo Courtesy of Anonymous
Photo Courtesy of Anonymous

The sign reads, "Rogers Street Raceway Open. Go Like Hell. Zoom-Zoom. Idiots"

I've been down that road once or twice, and maybe it was because it was somewhat late at night, but there was no one speeding past me. I guess you'd have to live there full time.

In the end, I hope this guy gets what he wants and we all get a day off to hang with the DPD down at Jones Beach eating DONUTS.

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