We found out this week that deer have the ability to swim long distances in the ocean, and we can't stop talking about it.

We were invited to Avalon Medical Spa's Grand Opening Gala on Tuesday night. We were hanging out eating steak tips, drinking wine, and enjoying conversation when someone brought up the little-known fact that deer can swim. I was shocked. I had never heard about (or even thought about) that my entire life.

We brought it up on the air the next morning, and immediately got phone calls from multiple fishermen that reported that they've witnessed deer swimming from the Vineyard to the mainland.

"How in the world can they do it?" I thought. "Their hooves are so small. They can't propel water."

Believe it or not, it's true. We went on YouTube and found many examples of deer swimming in deep waters.

Here's some video of a deer escaping a pack of wild dogs by swimming in the ocean.

But that's just the beginning. It's hard to imagine, but here's video of a deer swimming in deep waters. Deer actually have the ability to swim for miles. It amazes me that they aren't fearful of drowning and they know how far they can swim without tiring out.


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