How cool would it be if a water-trampoline park floated over to New Bedford?

According to this sponsored job posting for lifeguards and cashiers, that's what is happening.

altitude h20 new bedford job posting on
Altitude H2O New Bedford job posting on

Since we're in the business of knowing all about local businesses, we couldn't help but wonder why we've never heard of this one. A floating trampoline park is certainly something we'd remember hearing about if it were, in fact, really coming to New Bedford.

Here are all of the ways we tried to figure out just what the heck is going on with this mysterious Altitude H2O job posting:

  1. We applied for a job. No one has called us back yet for an interview.
  2. We called the original Altitude H2O locations in Texas. No one picks up the phone. Same goes for their Facebook messages. A total ghost town.
  3. We did some investigative work to find Altitude H2O's parent company, Altitude Trampoline Park. We called the two closest locations, Altitude Trampoline Parks in North Attleboro and Billerica, to see if they had anything to do with this new floating trampoline park. They don't and in fact, they only heard about Altitude H2O a few weeks ago.
  4. We investigated a tip that something by the same name is allegedly opening in Plymouth. As can be expected the Friday before a holiday weekend, no one in Town Hall was around to pick up the phone.
  5. We read through the Plymouth's Zoning Board minutes from the last five months to see if anything was mentioned ever. Goose eggs.
  6. We contacted the New Bedford Economic Development Council. But again, the Friday before a holiday weekend left us with nothing but voicemail greetings.

Whatever is going on with this mystery businesses, they don't have a much time left before summer is officially here and people are in search of things to do.

So what's the deal with this paid-for job listing for lifeguards and cashiers this summer? If anyone gets a callback, let us know.

We want to jump around and have fun, too!

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