Tis the season for great movies. The movie theatres were a popular destination this weekend. I had A few movies on my radar. I originally wanted to see 'Twilight', but upon hearing JR' s review of Lincoln, being a Spielberg fan, and Larry begging not to be tortured by another round of vampires, Lincoln it was.

Whether or not you're a history buff, this is a must see movie. It focuses primarily on the 13th amendment and all of the politics involved in getting it passed. I also enjoyed the insight to President Lincoln's personality, mannerisms and life as a husband and father. Most Americans appreciate him as a great president. This will make you appreciate him as a man. And Daniel Day Lewis HAS to win the Oscar for this.

At the end of the movie, everyone in the theatre clapped. Only once have I been in a movie theatre where the audience clapped at the end and that too was a Spielberg film, Schindler's List.

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