Barstool Sports CEO and pizza connoisseur David Portnoy posted a video on Wednesday showing a list of the people he hates the most.

It turns out “El Presidente” is not a fan of someone at The Gaslight, a bar and grill on Nantucket, as the restaurant made his “most-hated” list of over 30 people. I decided to do some digging and find out why.

Portnoy shot to stardom after launching his Barstool Sports brand. While the hugely popular digital media company is his bread and butter, his reviews of pizza shops became a hot topic on social media. Foodies counted on him to lead them in the right direction, while pizza shops all over the country prayed he would walk in one day and give them a rave review.

But Portnoy’s influence stems beyond just pizza. He’s known for his blunt and sometimes harsh criticism, so if he speaks poorly of a company, it’s typically bad news for that place.

So, what happened at The Gaslight?

Well, that’s awkward.

From the sound of that spicy tweet, Portnoy has a problem with Callie Kever, co-owner of the establishment. Kever, Liam Mackey, Stephen Bowler, and Caleb Cressman reportedly opened the restaurant in June of 2019, but since Portnoy clearly says “she” in his tweet,  I can only assume his hatred is toward Kever.

Portnoy bought a home on the island in 2015 and followed it up with a YouTube series called “Nantucket Living." However, there is no mention of The Gaslight in any of his vlogs.

I took a peek at Yelp and found the restaurant has acquired a 3.5 rating, with many of the negative comments catered toward cold entrees or loud music. Could this be the gripe that Portnoy is holding on to or is there something deeper going on between the Asian cuisine spot and the digital media mogul?

The search for the tea on this continues.

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