It's been a Rock family tradition for years and years. For my kids, getting a Christmas tree meant taking a trip down Sconticut Neck Road to the Douglas Tree Farm on the first Saturday of December. There, we'd walk around acres of trees until the family came to an agreement on which one would be this year's prize.

The best part of the Douglas Tree Farm sale was that you could pick any tree you wanted for a flat cost of $40. All of the proceeds would go to ALS research. The farm has been doing it for over a decade, each year raising between $10,000-$15,000. Such a generous gesture from a caring Fairhaven family.

We spoke to Dick Douglas this week who told us that, unfortunately, there would be no sale this year. Dick told Fun 107 that the sale takes a heavy physical toll on him and his wife.

The good news is that there will be another Christmas Tree sale for the same great cause.  The Cut Your Own Tree sale will take place on December 7 and December 14 at 505 Horseneck Road in South Dartmouth. Prices will vary according to size. Customers are invited to cut their own tree, and saws will be provided. All of the proceeds will be donated to the ALS Family Charitable Foundation in memory of Jeff Alan Lawrence.

It doesn't get more New England than going out to the tree farm and cutting your own Christmas tree. What a memorable way to support an important cause.

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