Every year, it’s the same battle. I decorate the house from top to bottom for the holiday season, saving the Christmas tree for last, and as soon as I put the star on top, my cats are attacking ornaments and climbing branches.

Is there any hope for my tree this year? There has to be some way to keep Marley and Piper away.

I have seen pictures of cat owners only decorating the top half of the tree, and that’s smart, but my cats are climbers.

I have seen upside-down trees that are attached to the ceilings, but that seems like a project that my fiancé and I are just not up for.

I decided to ask the SouthCoast, and after a few less-than-helpful answers, I got some real solutions.

Melissa Alberti said, “If you figure it out, let me know.”

Brian Kleczek said, “So the simplest way to keep cats away from Christmas trees is to get rid of cats.”

Anne Babcock suggested, “Just get a dog.”

And Tim Robbins simply said, “Not much you can do.”

Just when I thought all hope was lost, there were a few saviors that presented some interesting ideas, and if you are a struggling cat owner every December like me, try one of these tips:

  • Spray the tree with anti-scratch spray
  • Form a circle around the base of the tree with orange peels and cucumber peels
  • Spray the tree with orange juice
  • Purchase citrus spikes
  • Place balls of tin foil under and throughout the tree
  • Lay clear, double-sided tape on the skirt of the tree, cats will not like the feeling

It sounds like oranges will have to be added to my grocery list this weekend.

Do you have a technique that works for you?

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