Old Rochester Girls Basketball Coach Fighting ALS
A former Fairhaven teacher and current junior varsity Old Rochester Basketball head coach has been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.
Glenn Gardner has been on the Old Rochester Girls Basketball coaching staff for over 10 years...
Pete Frates Still Alive, But Hospitalized in Fight with ALS
The family of Pete Frates, the Massachusetts man who inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge that has raised millions of dollars for ALS research, has taken to social media to assure the world that, despite a social media report to the contrary, Pete is still alive, although he's currently in Massach…
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
You've heard me talk about whether or not doing the Ice Bucket Challenge itself is a good idea.  My main concern is that all of this awareness is bringing about more donations to the cause from everyone who says they are going to donate...
The Ice Bucket Challenge Could Change Fundraising Forever
It is certainly the craze sweeping the nation right now. The Ice Bucket Challenge has been taken on by kids, celebrities, CEOs and more and to date has raised over $16 million. So does this internet sensation have the potential to change the way organizations fund raise forever?

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