It is certainly the craze sweeping the nation right now. The Ice Bucket Challenge has been taken on by kids, celebrities, CEOs and more and to date has raised over $16 million. So does this internet sensation have the potential to change the way organizations fund raise forever?

A lot of people questioned whether funds were really being donated to the ALS Association when these videos started popping up and the answer is yes, they have. From July 29th through August 18th, the ALSA has taken in $16 million in donations. That is some serious fundraising, considering in all of 2012 they raise $19 million.

And though the ALS admits they didn't originate the ice bucket challenge, they are certainly benefiting from it. So what is it about this seemingly silly challenge that makes so many people want to get involved and give to this deserving cause?

Bill Saporito of Time Magazine has some theories on how and why this challenge became such a huge money raising success. The simplicity, even mindlessness, of the challenge is one; cause it's something everyone can accomplish. Couple that with the video aspect, the ability to share and show what you've done, and you have a repeatable, achievable goal for everyone!

But ALS isn't the only devastating disease that lacks a cure. So how can other great causes find a fundraising viral sensation of their own? Or can they?

Do you think the Ice Bucket Challenge can be repeated by another organization? Think more crazy challenge video will start popping up soon?