There are so many things to love about the holiday season, but I think putting ornaments on the Christmas tree is one of the most exciting. Every year is like a walk down memory lane as you unwrap the ornaments from years past and find the perfect branch on which to display them proudly.

Growing up at my mother’s house, she seemed to have an ornament for every occasion and every one of them had its own story. Some houses have glistening ornaments that are all matching and uniformed, but I prefer the hodge-podge of decorations that displayed our lives on tree branches.

Now that I live with my fiancé, I have found myself creating my own collection of memories. I have ornaments from when I was born, when I graduated college, and one from my first trip to Martha’s Vineyard. My personal favorite is the little menorah that hangs below the star on top in support of my fiancé. But as I gazed upon my finished tree this year, I realized I had nothing to commemorate 2020.

Sure, it wasn’t a great year, but it was certainly memorable. I could have used toilet paper in place of my garland for a real laugh, but it’s too precious these days, so I’ll need to find the perfect ornament that will take me down memory lane in the coming years and make me say, “Yikes, remember this?”

It looks like I’m not the only one that is trying to find the humor in this crazy year. Check out these 2020-inspired ornaments that found a home on SouthCoast Christmas trees.

Christmas Ornaments That Perfectly Describe 2020

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