You read that right. Danny Amendola is reportedly single after splitting with Olivia Culpo. Here's what we know about the break up.

If you follow Danny Amendola on Instagram, you may have noticed he unfollowed Culpo and deleted all photos of the two of them last week.

That was the first thought that something might be wrong in the relationship.

Culpo for her part is still following Amendola and all of her pictures of the pair are alive and kicking on her Instagram account at the time of this post.

But even though she's keeping the pictures up, she's not keeping her mouth shut about the split. In fact in an interview today on Access Live, Culpo confirmed the relationship was over.

She didn't get into much detail about the split and tried a few times to steer the topic before the hosts actually did. But there are rumors as to why they went their separate ways.

Sources say the Rhode Island native and the former Patriots wide receiver had a tough time seeing each other with their hectic schedules. And now with his trade (and ultimately move to Miami), they just felt things were going to get too tough to keep it going.

They were literally just in the Bahamas together, so maybe some real talk about their relationship while they were away led to the break up.

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