Regardless of whether you have been working from home or not working at all, you have been consuming digitally more than ever before.

I can with 100 percent certainty tell you that I have never spent as much time in front of my laptop or iPhone than I have in the past several months. It's like both are attached to my hip. I literally bring my laptop everywhere I go so I can "do work" and, well, you know the phone goes everywhere with me.

While I love a good juice detox to get rid of all the yuck from my body, I think it's now time to separate myself from my devices.

I predict this summer will be in many ways just like the summers that our parents and grandparents had long before there was such a thing as the internet. I know we may have all tried to take a little hiatus from social media now and then but what we really need is to put all the devices and computers away and go to the beach.

Much like a juice detox, you can decide how many days you do it for – maybe start with just a few hours, like I'm planning. I get anxiety just thinking about all the messages I'll come back to if I leave my devices for a full day, but I know I need it and I can't be alone on this.

Anyone else thinking about or actively planning a digital detox this summer?

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