Here's the question of the day: what would you do for a year's worth of free tacos?

Yesterday on Cinco De Mayo, every Mexican restaurant on the SouthCoast had a line for pick-up out to the street. Just calling ahead was more than a two-hour wait, but trust me, it's totally worth it when Cinco de Mayo lands on a Taco Tuesday.

From a safe and cautious social distance, I hopped in the Fun 107 van and began driving around the parking lot of Frontera Grill in Fairhaven, going from car to car to see the reactions and what quick responses they would come up with while waiting in line for their dinner.

Again, these people were waiting roughly around two hours for Mexican cuisine, so you know they are serious about their tacos.

Remember that commercial jingle "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" For some odd reason, it popped into my head when I was thinking up some witty questions. That was it! I knew what I wanted to ask:

"What would you do for a year's worth of free tacos?"

As if this was a life or death question, the contestants thought deep and hard. After all, it's not every day you get approached by a complete stranger, asking about tacos and life and whatnot.

If you asked me, I'd most likely wrestle an alligator for the chance of bringing home those crispy, delectable golden tacos.

Check out the video above to see everyone's answers and then ask yourself, what would YOU do?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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