Summer may be over, but the weather is still warm enough for people to hit the beach – though this weekend, you may want to stay out of the water with Hurricane Larry bringing some serious surf issues to our area by week's end.

It has already been quite the busy hurricane season for Southern New England, with Henri bringing rain, high winds and local flooding to the area and Ida's remnants dumping nearly 10 inches of torrential rain on parts of Massachusetts. Now Larry is churning up the surf across the SouthCoast and making the weekend potentially dangerous for swimmers and surfers.

ABC6 Chief Meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers is always on top of the local storm situations and as he told us Larry is "certainly not a direct hit," but that doesn't mean we won't feel the effects. With more gorgeous, sunny, warm, summer-like weather ahead and lifeguards officially off duty for the season, this week could be very dangerous at SouthCoast beaches.

Though Larry will stay off shore, this massive hurricane is still kicking up swells, causing rip currents and bringing rough surf all across the shoreline. So parents should make sure to keep a close eye on kids at the beach and keep those little ones as close to shore as possible. Surfers are probably going to want to use the buddy system on the waves this weekend.

Desnoyers said Larry's affects will arrive late this week and carry even into Saturday, and his forecast shows us both Friday and Saturday will be sunny with highs in the upper 70s. Great days for sneaking in extra beach time, but just a friendly reminder to stay safe out there with all those empty lifeguard chairs.

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