Snow is once again in the forecast, but will we really see some accumulation this time?

There hasn't been much snow this winter and most of what has fallen is washed away almost instantly by rain or a streak of warm weather.

So with snow once again predicted for Tuesday into Wednesday, everyone has got to be thinking—how bad will it really be?

Well according to ABC 6 meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers, it'll be sort of like the first snow we saw this season way back on November 15.

That snow came in heavy just after the evening commute and kind of took people for a loop, but this one should start a bit earlier, giving the evening commuters a potentially messy drive.

Desnoyers says the snow is expected to arrive mid-to-late afternoon with actual accumulation maybe reaching the 2-4" range as things look now.

But if you are traveling tomorrow evening, it sounds like you'll want extra time to get where you need to go.

Desnoyers is predicting a tough commute and advising those who can to get on the road early to avoid the worst of it.

Though if the MassDOT is on its game, things will likely be just fine by the time you head back to work on Wednesday.

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