CVS is looking out for their customers' skin this summer with changes to the type of sunscreen they will be carrying.

The Rhode Island based company has announced that they will no longer carry sunscreen with an SPF lower than 15. (SPF 15 is the FDA's lowest recommended SPF)

So if you want to get super tan this somewhere else.

This announcement comes during Skin Cancer Awareness Month and is part of their "Long Live Skin" campaign.

CVS Pharmacy has teamed up with the American Cancer Society and Johnson & Johnson to raise awareness about skin health and they say

Taking good care of your skin is part of taking care of your health,”

CVS has made other changes for their customers health as well, removing cigarettes from all of their stores and eliminating candy and sweets from the register area.

They also say they will be offering more organic and natural options to its skincare line as well.

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