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Finally, a faster way to shop at CVS.

I can honestly say that I've never been inside of CVS when it was packed or busy. It always seemed as though there was an average of five to seen shoppers at a time, no matter where or when you went.

Get it, and get out – that's my mission statement when it comes to any sort of shopping. I simply don't have the patience for it.

However, don't it always seem to go that when you're in some sort of rush, you always get stuck behind that one person who either can't remember their phone number for their CVS benefit points or that they picked out the wrong product from the shelves, so the only person on the register has to leave their post to search and replace the mistaken product.

Those days are officially over, for the most part at least.

One of the things I enjoy about shopping at CVS is that they carry my bank's ATM service, so there's no surcharge or fee to withdraw cash. So, as I was doing just that, I looked over and noticed the candy section was covered up by self-checkout machines and I was instantly impressed.

They were the third-generation models and boy, what an upgrade from the second generation.

I suppose it doesn't take much to make me happy, but those little things are the difference between a stressed-out day because I'm running late to work or have somewhere to be, and a calm and collective day where all seems right in the world.

A bit too dramatic? Perhaps, but let's just see how these self-checkouts work out.

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