There are two types of people in this world: Those who give greeting cards and those who despise them. For the longest time, I was stuck somewhere in the middle until the day I asked my better half to marry me- that's when I joined "team nope".

After searching high and low for the perfect card to give to my future wife this past Christmas, I was dumbfounded to find that there is no such category for "fiancé". Sure, there are engagement cards and congrats cards, but nothing that screams "to my fiancé".

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I'm saddened that neither CVS, Rite Aid, nor Walgreens will carry any cards with the word "fiancé" on the front of the greeting card. Of all holidays too, it's the one that celebrates love. Trust me, I've searched high and low across the SouthCoast thoroughly. I even checked out Dollar Tree and Save-A-Lot on Mount Pleasant Street in New Bedford and had no luck during this past Holiday season.

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Even couldn't help me find the perfect card for the love of my life.

I'm not asking for much and I understand that the category alone is a little niche considering the average length of engagement is around 16 months, according to The Knot. However, none of that should matter, considering I found special cards for boyfriends, girlfriends, and even for your pastor. Yet, nothing with "fiancé" in the title.

I hate to complain about something so small, it's more of the fact that fiance-specific greeting cards in stores are not a thing. Sure, you can buy them online, but if you're anything like me who waits until the last minute to buy a Christmas or Valentine's Day crowd, then it might be too late to pre-order it online somewhere.

Thank God she doesn't mind a hand-written/colored card from scratch, cards are expensive as all hell these days, but that's a topic for another day.

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