Although Massachusetts stores have been ahead of the curve on this one, CVS stores are officially tobacco-free nation wide.

The company had originally planned to stop selling tobacco products in all stores by Oct. 1, but it turns out they're ahead of schedule. While we haven't seen a pack of cigarettes sold in a CVS here in MA for quite some time, the 7,600 CVS stores across America are now following suit.

This comes with a re-branding of CVS according to a article. CVS Caremark will now be known as CVS Health in an attempt to "reflect our broader health care commitments." They become the first nationwide pharmacy to go completely tobacco-free, with the company increasing it's partnership with hospitals and including clinics within their pharmacies.

While the cigarettes go out the door, expect more anti-smoking products to come in. CVS plans to improve and expand it's nicotine replacement products such as nicotine patches, gum, and others.

Taking tobacco out of the stores is a great way to show customers your commitment to health. But, does this mean all the snacks and junk food are next to go? Probably not, but only time will tell.

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