The SouthCoast just got a whole lot sweeter.

Dartmouth welcomed the brand new Crumbl Cookies to Dartmouth Town Center during its Grand Opening Celebration on Friday morning, and the community showed up in droves to get their hands on the nation’s most popular cookie.

It’s a small shop serving up big cookies, and I got a glimpse of what the SouthCoast can expect from its newest gourmet cookie shop.

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The Proud Owners of Crumbl Cookies Dartmouth

Leopaul and Mimose Montes are two entrepreneurs that are excited about their next venture.

While living in Haiti, the two ran a construction company, and surprisingly, this was where their love for the food industry began.

“We had the chance to perform a catering company on the side and feed our employees, so that was my introduction into business and food,” said Mimose.

Mimose started as a customer of Crumbl, and after her first experience with their warm hospitality, she knew she wanted to be a part of the company.

“I got the warm welcome, and I’ll never forget my first experience,” she said. 

During that first experience, she ordered chocolate chip and was told they weren’t quite ready. When she saw an employee carrying a full tray of chocolate chip cookies, she asked, “Well, what’s wrong with those?” 

Their responded, “They didn’t bake up well, our next batch will be better.”

“To me, Crumbl takes pride in the quality of their cookies,” said Mimose. “From there, when we heard about the business model, we were interested, decided to apply, and it worked out.”

What to Expect at Crumbl Cookies

When people come in, guests can choose from self-order or the order station, where a greeter can assist in picking the tastiest cookies. The cookies options are constantly in rotation, from Pink Sugar and Muddy Buddy, to the classic Chocolate Chip, and Crumbl prides itself on being the best choice for self-indulgence, a tasty gift, or “thinking of you” gesture.

Whatever the occasion, their iconic pink box has become synonymous with tasty treats.

Mobile ordering for Crumbl Dartmouth will be available, starting September 6th.

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