It has been a rocky year for the New England Patriots offense and things could get a lot worse in the postseason.

Let's be honest Patriots fans...our offense has been off this season.

There have been lots of faces coming and going (Gronk, Gordon, Brown, Sanu) and a ton of new faces that haven't appeared to find their groove.

And no one outside of White and Edelman seem to have any chemistry with Tom Brady.

So when word of a possible season ending knee injury for Julian Edelman emerged, I for one panicked a bit.

When this season started the Patriots were trouncing their opponents. The defense was on fire, the offense was racking up the points, we were undefeated for weeks and everything looked like it was pointing to another Super Bowl appearance.

But as the regular season wraps up, New England seems to be squeaking out their wins and losing to very good AFC teams sure to be seen again in the playoffs.

So would we want to see them without wide receiver Julian Edelman? Because that could be the case.

Sources are saying the knee injury that left Edelman questionable before the Bengals game was the reason he had his lowest number of catches and yards for the season last Sunday.

And those same sources say things could be serious.

According to NFL Network’s Mike Giardi, Edelman did “some damage to the tendon in his left knee” during the game against the Chiefs.

And The Boston Sports Journal's Dr. Jessica Flynn claims Edelman could have "either tendonitis in the patellar tendon...or an acute partial tear of the tendon."

If either of those injuries are the case, Edelman's abilities would be greatly limited and playing would be extremely painful.

Not good all around.

Of course the Patriots camp is tight lipped about Julian's knee issues. He will likely be week-to-week on the injury report, but how much field time he actually sees in the coming weeks (and heaven forbid the playoffs) remains to be seen.

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