UPDATE 5PM: Colin Pratt tweeted that he "witnessed idiots attempting to protest around Gillette get pulled over in their truck". Mass State Police don't seem to be taking this lightly.

“Disruptions wake people up a little bit from their privilege and insulation,” Shannon Leary, a spokeswoman for the Milton protest, told the Globe. “Things have to change.”

According to ProFootballTalk.com (a division of NBC Sports), there is a possibility that protesters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement might block off Route 1 leading to Gillette Stadium.

Before last weekends Patriots win over the Ravens, protesters for this movement blocked the commuter train that brings fans to Gillette Stadium for 4 1/2 minutes (to symbolize the 4 1/2 hours that Michael Brown's body was left on the street in Ferguson).

The Black Lives Matter movement caused a much bigger stir on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, Thursday, when they shut down parts of 93 in Boston during the morning rush hour. The protest not only blocked the way for people trying to get to work, but for dozens of ambulances bringing patients to Boston hospitals (some in emergency situations).

The protests occurred on the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Since Monday is the national MLK, Jr. holiday, it wouldn’t be surprising if something were planned for the fairly narrow path to the Colts-Patriots game. --ProFootballTalk.com