As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fun 107 is dedicated to bringing support to the forefront. Watch for tips on diagnosis, how to help loved ones with breast cancer, and so much more.

When a woman has breast cancer, things that were part of her every day life become challenges. Her energy is spent battling the disease with radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or all three.  She can go through periods of time where she can feel drained. Sometimes tasks as simple as feeding her family can become overwhelming. One simple and satisfying way to help out a family dealing with a cancer diagnosis is to launch a meal train.

Meal trains take away so much stress. Here's how it works. The family receiving the meals will put a cooler in front of their home. This allows the meals to be dropped off without disturbing the family.  Without the cooler, the patient may feel obligated to entertain everyone dropping off meals...which defeats the purpose.  If you'd like to say hello, it's best to keep your visit brief (unless told otherwise).

Packing your meals in disposable containers is a big help so that the family won't have to worry about cleaning and returning pots and pans is a great help.

If the family has children, keep that in mind as you select the menu.  Kid free meals work best.  You'll also want to look over the food items that will be delivered before and after yours to make sure the family isn't eating the same meal night after night.

In addition to the logistical help you'll be offering, the love and support from family and friends is an enormous spirit booster!