On Thursday, Acushnet Elementary School and the Acushnet Fire Department together at the school introduced, Collin's Challenge; an initiative to increase awareness of the deadly dangers of carbon monoxide.

Collin was a 9 year old 4th grader at Acushnet Elementary School who along with his father JP, tragically died from carbon monoxide poisoning on December 7th at their home in Acushnet.


This tragedy hits very close to home for myself and my family as Collin was my son Brody's very best friend.  Collin was a sweet, polite, smart and happy little boy who had his entire life ahead of him and because of the absence of working carbon monoxide detecters in his home, he is no longer with us.


Here is how YOU can help, participate in Collin’s Challenge to help increase awareness and prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisonings. This challenge has three parts: First, families are challenged to learn more about carbon monoxide safety by clicking the link to the carbon monoxide safety website below. Second, families are challenged to check all carbon monoxide detectors in their houses and in the houses of their elderly family members to ensure that they have working detectors. Third, the Acushnet community is challenged to donate a new, plug-in type carbon monoxide detector so they can be disseminated to Acushnet residents who are in need of detectors. The main goal of Collin’s Challenge is to ensure that the homes of Acushnet students have working carbon monoxide detectors. The Acushnet Fire Department is available to install the carbon monoxide detectors if needed.

Donations will be collected at the following locations:
Acushnet Elementary School, Ford Middle School, Acushnet Fire Station, Acushnet Police Station, Town Hall, the Acushnet Library, and the Acushnet Council on Aging.  Please take a few extra minutes out of your day to donate a new, plug-in carbon monoxide detector, it could save a life.  This campaign will run from December 22-January 31.