I don't typically comment on the opinion of others, but one model's recent thoughts on working moms needs to be questioned.

Model Kelly Brook made a recent appearance on the UK talk show Loose Women (which in and of itself sounds terrible), and somehow got to talking about working mothers not working as hard as women with no kids.

She even literally said some parents “used kids as an excuse not to do their jobs properly," adding, “If you can’t meet the demands of your job, don’t blame your kids.”

Now I don't know what kind of people she is working with, but I have never heard a working mom claim she couldn't make an appointment because she "had to wash the baby," as Brook claims of co-workers.

Perhaps its not the fact that they are parents that is the problem with those she works with.

For myself and most working moms I know, most days honestly feel like I'm working twice as hard, if anything, because when moms leave the job at the end of the day, they go home to another one.

We don't get to head out to the gym after work, or to grab dinner and drinks with friends...no, we get to feed other tiny humans, wash them, read to them and put them to bed.

Not that I'm complaining!

I love my daughter and our routines. I love being able to spend time with her before and after my work day. I would skip drinks after work any day to be home giving her a bath.

But it is work. And sometimes it can be hard work...exhausting work...thankless work.

For the millions of moms struggling to balance work life and home life (and honestly often feeling like they're failing on both fronts), the last thing they need is a rich model with no kids telling them that she works so much harder than they do.


I don't know what would have possessed Kelly Brook to say such things. Perhaps she was just delirious from a full night's sleep.

I don't really know what that feels like anymore...I'm a mom.