Charlie Puth has proven to be the music industry's "good boy." We really haven't heard Charlie be a part of any drama. As a matter of fact, if you follow him on social media, he seems to be constantly working out and trying to take care of himself.

He has written some amazing songs over the past few years. He has been dropping tracks pretty randomly over the last couple of weeks. He definitely makes an eyebrow scar look sexy, don't you think?

In the music video for his latest song "Mother," he strips down to his pants to chill poolside and pretends he is the guy you can take home to mother. He recently deleted all his pictures off of Instagram and then premiered this shaved head recently with all his new music.

This music video is kind of childish in the sense that it shows all the bad things you would do with someone you were dating while hiding it all from your parents. Makes me wonder if Charlie is a mama's boy.

If you haven't seen the music video, check it out:

I'll confess, I enjoyed staring at shirtless Charlie. Come on, those smooth vocals, the eyebrows, and shirt off – can you blame me?

So now that you heard the song, what do you think? Should we add it to the Fun 107 playlist? Or should we just continue to drool over Charlie? I'm down for either, but you have to decide and vote. Is this Charlie Puth song wicked good or totally whack? It's getting my "wicked" vote for sure.

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