We are giving away free money three times a day with Fun 107 Cash Calls!

We are giving away Cash Call money at a fast and furious pace.  Here's how to play.  Go to fun107.com and click on Cash Call at the top of the page. Then, enter your name and listen to our show!

We announce names every weekday at 7:05, 12:05, and 4:05. When you hear us announce YOUR name, you'll have 10 minutes to call us back.  When you do, you'll win at least $250. If you miss it, the jackpot will keep growing, and the next person will have the chance to win $500...then $750, $1,000 etc. DO NOT miss it!

Here's a list of this week's Cash Call Winners:


  • Jonathan Andrews Fairhaven $250
  • Paul Ferry Fairhaven $500
  • Erin McQuade Wareham $250
  • Kayla Prevost Fall River $750
  • Melanie Perry Dartmouth $500
  • Dawn Johnson Acushnet $250
  • Brenda Sanchez New Bedford $500
  • Liz Medeiros Fairhaven $250


  • Tracie Oliver from Fall River $1,250
  • Lisa Costa from Westport $500
  • Elizabeth Fernandes from Acushnet $500
  • Camilla Carlozzi from Fall River $500
  • Desiree Vieira from Mattapoisett $500
  • Tim Borges from North Dartmouth
  • Kerri Garcia from New Bedford $250
  • Mandi Silva from New Bedford $250

Here's a list of last week's Cash Call Winners: 10/1/18-10/5/18

  • Michelle Correia from Fall River $250
  • Ashley O'Donnell from New Bedford $500
  • Lee Ann Quint from Dartmouth $250
  • Ann Mosby from Fairhaven $750
  • Candida Desa from Westport $750
  • Nancy Perry from Wareham $500
  • Alexa Lourenco from Acushnet $250
  • Krystal Collazo from New Bedford $250

The game is simple. We even give you the exact times to call us at. To ensure that you won't miss your name being called, set an alarm on your phone!

We can't announce your name if you don't sign up. We love giving away free money so do us a favor. Sign up, set alarms, and call us back when your name is called!

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