Today kicked off another round of Cash Code on Fun 107.  We launched it at 7:05 during the Rock and Fox Show.  Every morning, we give SouthCoast people the chance to win up to $5,000 instantly by listening for the Cash Code, and entering that code using the Fun 107 app, or by clicking on

We asked our radio audience this morning what they'd spend their $5,000 if they were one of our grand prize winners.  Here are some of the answers that they gave.

One mom told us that she'd love to buy her son a new car. She said the old one he has is kind of a beater, and she would love to get him into something other than a starter car because he deserves it.

Another mom called in and said she'd put the $5,000 in the bank for her son. When Christine told her that she understood all of these moms wanting to help their kids, but that she wanted to know what she'd do with the money if she had to treat herself. The mom admitted that she could use a road trip with her husband.

A third mom called in. Guess what she wanted to do with the money? She wanted to buy her son a car. So many generous moms, huh?

One daughter called in and told us that she'd use her $5,000 winnings to help her dad get a knee surgery that he badly needs. Apparently, dad has played football all his life and can barely walk.

If you'd like to try to win one of our multi-market $500, $1,000 or $5,000 prizes, be sure to listen for the Cash Codes at 7:05, 1:05 and 4:05 every weekday. Best of luck! Here's more info about the contest.

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