Many SouthCoast residents have visited Plymouth Rock in their lifetime, but how many of us have talked to the rock? I'm guessing not many, but that is exactly what See Plymouth is asking visitors to do.

It's certainly a creative campaign for the historic hunk of stone, but is it also a bit crazy? Would you feel weird having a conversation with a carved stone in a memorial? Or maybe just having something you can literally say anything to is pretty nice.

I mean, it only really gets weird if the rock talks back, right?

The people at offer a wide range of activities, shopping destinations and dining options in and around Plymouth County. And they certainly have a creative side.

They recently launched the "Talk to the Rock" campaign, encouraging some of the thousands of visitors to chat with the historic stone. They say people have been talking to this rock since the mid-1700s and even provide a list of reasons gabbing with the hunk of granite is a good idea.

Reasons like "talking to the rock will calm you" and "talking with the rock will bring you peace."

They also point out the secrecy of sharing with the stone, adding "no one can hack your brain. Leave your confidential discussion with the rock instead of the internet" and pointing out "you can trust the rock to never repeat your thoughts."

Though I think the most motivating reason on the See Plymouth website is the fact that talking with the rock can win you cash. Reason No. 10 on their list is "To win money!"

It seems if you create a "Talk To The Rock" video, share it on social media and post it to the See Plymouth site, you can win money. The top five videos submitted will win up to $500 and you have until the end of this month to get entered.

So hop in the car this Thanksgiving weekend to visit the site of the first Turkey Day. Stopping to chat with the iconic rock can win you some serious holiday shopping money.

Here's how to get involved.

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