We've have had an incredible few weeks giving away thousands and thousands of dollars with the Fun 107 Cash Code.  Monday morning, we change things up a bit.

Monday morning, get ready for the return of Fun 107 Cash Calls!  We switch it up a little.  This time, you'll enter to win money by clicking here and signing up.  Then, listen for the Michael Rock Show to announce your name at 7:05 every morning.  You'll have 10 minutes to call us back at (508) 994-1071 to instantly win $250 cash.  If the person doesn't call back, the jackpot grows to $500, then $750, $1,000, etc.  We announce new names at 7:05, 12:05 and 4:05 every weekday.

Do yourself a favor, set new alarms on your phone and your watch so you don't miss the Cash Call contest.  The last thing you want to hear is that we've called out your name, but you didn't call back in under 10 minutes.  Some of these jackpots can get pretty high, and we HATE it when people aren't able to call back in time.

Don't think you can win?  Just ask Brian Nunes from Fall River.  He won $1,000 cash.  Amanda Moniz and Debra Pildade of Fall River both won $500 this week.  We LOVE giving our fans free money.  And we're just getting warmed up!  Get ready for the return of Cash Calls!!!

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