We're giving away a thousand dollars twice a day, every weekday in November and that means a lot of people are going to have extra cash in their pockets. So what are some fun ways to spend the extra dough locally?

Sure if you win the thousand bucks you'll likely pay some bills and start thinking of others for the holiday season. But if you wanted to just blow that money on fun stuff, here are some of our thoughts on how to do it.

  • TSM/Gazelle

    166 Burritos At No Problemo

    Burritos are literally No Problemo with your thousand dollar cash call winnings. You can buy over 166 of the Diablo burritos if you win the cash.

  • Medaesthetic Day Spa

    Massages and Facials At MedAesthetic Day Spa

    You could be seriously relaxed after winning big. A thousand dollars would get you 6 No Frills Facials and 12 Deep Tissue Massages with money left over to tip!

  • via google maps

    Beach Passes Galore!

    Summer fun is all yours with Thousand Dollar Cash Call winnings. You could nab beach passes for West Island Town Beach, Horseneck Beach, Pierce Beach, Demarest Lloyd State Park, East, West and Fort Taber Beaches and still have money left over to visit Water Wizz 5 times with a family of four!

  • Mirasol's Cafe Facebook page

    222 medium Chippis at Mirasols

    You may never sleep again if you spend your cash call winnings on Chippis. The tasty treat from Mirasol's Cafe is $4.50 for a medium, meaning you could buy 222 of them if you win $1,000.

  • Buttonwood Park Zoo Facebook

    Lots of family fun at Buttonwood Park Zoo

    If you scored the thousand dollars in cash call, you could have some serious family fun at Buttonwood Park Zoo. In fact you could buy a family membership to visit as often as you want plus get 116 carousel rides and 116 train rides for a family of four.