We have received a number of requests for the Cash Call names that have been announced.  People like to congratulate their friends (translation:  ask them for lunch), or maybe get on their case for not calling back in time and missing out on free money.

Whatever the reason, we are happy to oblige.  It was quite an eventful week of Cash Calls at Fun 107.  We had a $1,000 winner, followed by a streak of $250 winners that is still going as of now.


Here are is a list of the names that were called out:

  • Anna Sroczynski, Tiverton, May 7th, 7:05: No Winner
  • Stephanie Degregorio, Dartmouth, May 7th, 12:05: No Winner
  • Becky Araujo, Portsmouth, May 7th, 4:05: No Winner
  • Megan Oliveira, North Dartmouth, May 8th, 7:05: $1,000
  • Jamianne Gibbs, New Bedford, May 8th, 12:05: $250
  • Kelly Borges, Somerset, May 8th, 4:00: $250
  • Raquel Conceicao, May 9th, Fall River, 7:05: $250
  • Tracey Manzone, Fairhaven, May 9th, 12:05: $250
  • Kara Glossup, New Bedford, May 9th, 4:05: $250
  • Melissa Bourque, New Bedford, May 10th, 7:05: $250
  • Christina Viveiros, Fall River, May 10th, 12:05: $250
  • Tina Melo, Fall River, May 10th, 4:05: $250
  • Sonia Do Vale-Rego, South Dartmouth, May 11th, 7:05: $250
  • Sandy Soderstrum, Westport, May 11th, 12:05: $250
  • Terri Lemaire,  Fairhaven, May 11th,  4:05: $250

In case you aren't familiar with the contest, Fun 107 announces a new name each day at 7:05, 12:05 and 4:05.  Listeners win free money when they call back within 10 minutes.  Want us to announce YOUR name and town?  Click the blue button below.


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