Carrie Underwood got honest in a recent interview about her thoughts on having more kids and people of course got up in arms.

I, for one, disagree with Underwood's thoughts, but she is entitled to them.

According to an interview with Redbook, Carrie feels she and her husband, Mike Fisher, have missed out on having a big family because she is 35-years-old.

Yes, she told the magazine that basically she isn't having any more kids because she feels she is too old.

As a woman who didn't have her first child until 35 and is pregnant again at 38, I would definitely disagree with this train of thought. But I also don't know what Carrie's health issues and possible risks may be so I won't get all up in arms (like some fans did).

Looking at Carrie, I would think she is in excellent health and would have no issue having more children if she really wanted to. And I would hope her doctor isn't just writing off the bigger family idea simply because of her age.

I feel health status and lifestyle have a lot more to do with when you should and shouldn't try to have children than how many years you've been on the planet. Fans of course lashed out on both sides of the argument, but really it's Carrie's choice. No matter what she decides to do in the case of future children, she certainly looks like she is loving her three-year-old son to pieces.

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