It may be the closest thing to the town from Footloose and the folks in Taber, Alberta, Canada are looking for a Kevin Bacon.

The town of Taber recently adopted a super strict bylaw meant to target bad behavior and called it the "Community Standards Bylaw." The bylaw levies some hefty fines for seemingly small infractions, like $75 for spitting in public or $150 for yelling, screaming or swearing in public. It also enforces a nightly curfew on kids and teens, gives peace officers the power to break up groups of three or more who assemble in public places and even fines panhandling.

Which led many to poke fun at the town and drew a number of twitter comparisons to the town in Footloose...

And now the towns people are taking that comparison a step further by actually pleading with Kevin Bacon to come and save them!

Not sure what exactly they want him to do, but the group, Save Us Bacon, has written a fundraising letter and posted a video on YouTube, asking for people to help raise the money needed to bring Bacon to Taber.

They say if they hit their fundraising goal they will

"host a raucous dance party/protest against an embarrassing, archaic, vaguely worded law passed by an out of touch town-council -- held of course, just outside of Taber."

Again, not sure why Kevin Bacon has to be involved in this or what the party will actually accomplish, but the idea seems pretty funny.

I'd imagine electing new town councillors might be a bit more effective, but having Kevin Bacon come and party with you would be a much better time.