We all know this COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone differently. While the rich and famous are not immune to it, they certainly have the means to not worry about paying their bills for a while.

Many celebrities have secretly been sending payments to fans who have been sharing their struggles on social media. Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, just to name a few.

As a matter of fact, Taylor Swift helped Miranda from the Boston area by sending her $3,000. Check out what Miranda posted to her socials this past week:

UMG/13 Management Frank Bell
UMG/13 Management
Frank Bell

Pretty awesome of Taylor! That's one heck of a stimulus boost. I have a feeling she isn't done yet, either.

Without getting into any politics, I feel like lots more public figures need to step in and act like Taylor and Ariana have. We have some of the richest people in the world living in our country. While their money may allow them privileges that most of us could never dream of, it also comes with much social responsibility to do the right thing with it.

While sending money to random fans may not be the best thing to do in all cases, I do think there are many other ways celebrities can use their platforms.

So many local businesses have transformed themselves to be able to continue to do business. Maybe these celebrities with massive follows can promote small businesses across the country with promoting or making purchases to small businesses.

It's time to make the right decisions for the better good – especially those holding the dollars.
Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now. Way to step up and be a leader in doing the right thing, Taylor.

Who is with me on this, though?

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