I remember vacationing down in Florida when I was eight years old, visiting Sea World and getting the rare opportunity to pet a dolphin.

My grandmother took me to Sea World hoping I would love seeing all the wonderful sea creatures, but she didn't expect me to get chosen to participate in a dolphin show. They randomly pulled me up to feed them and pet them. Ever since that day I have had an amazing infatuation with this amazing mammal.

Now I know whale sightings and even shark sightings have been pretty common but this is the first time I have ever heard of a dolphin visiting our waters.

Here is a shot captured in Buzzards Bay on Monday:

I wish I was there to see this amazing view in person. Apparently dolphins were spotted along the Cape back in May of this year. Makes me wonder what brings them to our coast during this time of year?

I know that many dolphins, mostly baby dolphins, will find shallow, warmer waters to rest. I highly doubt that our coastal waters are calm enough for them to rest. Maybe it's the food offerings we have?

Regardless of what brings them our way, they are welcome guests and hopefully, we don't scare them away. Or more importantly, I hope the bacteria they have been finding on the shore of some of our local beaches doesn't hurt them.

By the way, since I last swam with dolphins, I have learned that it's not very good for them and can disrupt their very delicate cycle. I will now be more than happy to enjoy their amazing show from afar.

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