After one 'Buti Yoga' class... I have a whole new respect for women.

On Monday morning, July 25th, 2018, I went to my very first 'Buti Yoga' class over at Ritual Sweat Society in Dartmouth. Let's just say that I was not ready.

As my girlfriend and I arrived, both with a yoga mat under our arms, a towel and a bottle of water, our main goal was that no matter what happens inside of Ritual, we just wanted a good sweat. Boy were we in for a surprise.

When most people think Yoga, they think relaxation, stretching and meditation. Yeah, this was a little different.

The high energy, loud music, quick movement style of 'Buti Yoga' took over my senses and kicked me in the face from the get-go. I knew right away that I wouldn't be finding my inner-self with incense candles and chanting... this was a whole new ball game and I was in for a strenuous workout.

When it comes to flexibility, I'm not exactly someone who can touch their own toes. I'm more of a bulky gym-rat who tends to forget to stretch after lifting. That being said, being flexible is what this class is all about. I soon realized that you don't exactly have to be a contortionist to do 'Buti Yoga', the class alone will help open up your joints and muscles, allowing you to become more fluid throughout the quick movements.

Let's just say two things:

1.) Thank goodness nobody judges (it's obvious that I stood out like a sore thumb), I'm not exactly the most graceful person when it comes to any kind of yoga, slow or fast paced, and...

2.) I went into that class hoping to simply get a good sweat and within the 45 minute window that I had, there was legit a puddle underneath me. Mission accomplished.

In a nutshell (no, that is not a position), yes I may have been the only guy in the class, but I challenge any guy who thinks they are in peak conditioning, no matter how strong or fit they may be, to try this class and tell me you're not hurting for the next couple of days from head to toe (a good pain of course, like the one you get after a great strenuous workout).

Yes, I am a guy who loves anything fitness and I will admit that this was by far the most difficult class in the exercising category that I have ever endured. To the ladies who bust their booty at Ritual... I applaud you.

#WhoRunsTheWorld #Girls

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