A 14 year-old girl had a frightening experience after she ate a packet of Doritos Roulette chips.

This type of Doritos chip is considered 10 times hotter than a Jalapeño pepper.

The chips are so fiery that Beth Laybourn from Great Britain thought she was going to die after eating a packet.

According to Mashable.com, the girl’s scary situation prompted her school to issue a warning through its newsletter telling students to not eat the snacks because they can cause severe discomfort.

Most of the tortilla chips in a Doritos Roulette packet consist of a regular cheese flavor. However, one in six chips is coated with a fiery spice that is invisible.

The girl stated that she did not think the chips were hot at first, but as she kept on going, she started sweating and felt her throat burning.

Laybourn, who has asthma, had difficulty breathing and she stated that she thought she was going to die.

In a statement, Doritos recommends that children should avoid eating the snack.

There is a warning on the Doritos Roulette bag that states that some of the chips are “Ultra spicy.”

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez