British Family Seeks Nanny to Work in Haunted House
Looking for a good-paying job with plenty of time off? There's just one catch, and it's a spooky one. A British family who says they live in a haunted house is seeking to hire a nanny for their two kids. The family posted an ad on a British childcare website listing the nanny's salary as 50-thousand dollars with 28 days off...
Man Thinks He's McConaughey
It's sounds like it could be the plot to a movie, but it is a strange real life story out of England. A London area barber once woke up from a coma thinking he was Matthew McConaughey.
Bad Role Model?
We can add another to the list of people who disapprove of Miley Cyrus' persona. British Prime Minister David Cameron is apparently unimpressed with the Wrecking Ball singer's antics, performances, and drug use.