No matter how much you plan, life will sometimes throw you curveballs.

Over the weekend, I had a DJ gig on Block Island and I double-, no, triple-checked everything the week leading up to it.

Back in January, I had booked a reservation to have my car shipped over on one of the Block Island ferries. But as I waited in line at the port, the ship was full and wasn't allowing any more passengers to board.

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Angry and frustrated, I had to figure something out. I had a job to do and people waiting for me on the island. Determined to still make the gig, I parked my car and started unloading my equipment onto a cart. One way or another, I was going to muscle my gear to the party.

With only one shot of making it, I rolled my cart over to the terminal and crossed my fingers that someone, anyone, could help me out.

The first guy I spoke with gave me the schedule information for the next arriving ferries, including the fast ferry, which could have potentially solved my problem. However, he wasn't sure if my equipment would be allowed. Instead of leaving me there in the dust, he found his supervisor who was beyond attentive to the matter and made sure he did whatever he had to do to get me to the island.

One call after the next, he reached out to his coworkers and even the captain to get me answers. Before I knew it, he was helping me push my cart onto the boat before it was even time to board to secure a location for it to fit. He instructed the deckhands to safely tie down my equipment, took my ticket and wished me luck.

From start to finish, the customer service at the ferry was superb and deserves recognition. Because of their patience and persistence, I was able to make it over to Block Island in a timely fashion and finished off the day smoothly.

I'll forever be grateful and a customer for life.

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