It's been a heck of a year for David Ortiz and his family and an emotional weekend for him and his wife Tiffany, as they left their baby girl at her college dorm this past weekend.

After being shot in his home country of the Dominican Republic back in June, Big Papi has been very low key and out of the spotlight as he recovers at home in the Boston area. He hasn't posted much on his Instagram this summer like he usually does. He did post a photo of his first meal coming home from the hospital (a juicy piece of steak) and then recently a picture of shoes designed by Mookie Betts with "David" on the shoes.

His most recent picture is of him and his daughter Alex, and another of his wife Tiffany with them both in Alex's dorm room. I have to say, I can only imagine how Tiffany must have been feeling, leaving her baby girl in her new college home. She must have been filled with so much emotion: happiness, sadness and I'm sure feels so proud all at the same time. My husband and I are still a few years away from "the college drop off" and I want to stop time right now. It goes by way too fast.

In his Instagram post Big Papi says, "A life experience take place on us dropping off one of my kids at college..... good luck with everything and remember “ to be great you have to bring the best out of you everyday” lov & dad!!! "


What are your thoughts on your kids going off to college?

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